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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the nearest city?

Montpellier is  85 kms or 52 miles to the south east of Vissec, about one hour and a quarter drive.  Nimes is 95 kms or 60 miles, about an hour and a half drive.

2. Is it suitable for children?

Very - lots of fun and freedom!  There are some steep stairs, which may be a difficulty for the very young.

3. Can I negotiate a discount for longer stays?

Yes, for a month or more.

4. How many beds altogether?

There are two double and three single beds.

5. Do we need to bring sheets?

No, the house will be cleaned and the beds made for your arrival. Towels are alos provided.

6. Can I drive from Paris?

Yes, straight down the motorway 700 kms, via Millau will take approximately 6 hours 20 minutes. See

7. How near is the sea?

About and hour and a half drive to the south is the Mediterranean beach.

8. Do people speak English?

Most people speak some English so shopping or eating out is fine. However, it’s appreciated if you speak French.

9. What’s the weather like?

From early May, the days are warm and the nights chilly, from June onwards the days are hot, but not humid, and the nights are comfortably cool as Vissec is high, 450 metres above sea level. The summer months are sunny with the occasional dramatic thunderstorm.

10. Do I need a car?

Yes; there are no shops or bars in Vissec itself so it’s a ten minute drive to the nearest groceries.

11. Is there a church?

Yes, right in Vissec there is an old Catholic church, and the bells chime twice a day. There is also a ruined castle.

12. Can we drink the water?

Yes, we are connected to the town supply, which is good drinking water.

13. How do I pay?

Just contact me, Lindsay Squire, by email at…………and then you can pay by VISA or cheque to secure your booking.

14. What is there to do?

  • walk [Cirque de Navacelles a famous geological site, is a two hour hike away],
  • cycle; we have bikes you can borrow,
  • eat out,
  • visit the markets,
  • swim in the local rivers and swim with the fish, or go to the coast,
  • see historical sites, especially Roman,
  • visit the nearby museum in Le Vigan which features the history of local life.
  • See the Art Gallery in Lodeve, which is wonderful
  • Have and evening BBQ in the garden and dine by candle –light…….