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You can locate Vissec in southern France through which can provide driving instructions from just about anywhere. Vissec is a bit southwest of Le Vigan, northeast of Lodève, 10 km. south of Alzon. It is about a 1.5 hours or slightly less northwest of Montpellier; 1.5 hours west of Nîmes. (These are the nearest airports and train stations.) To find Vissec, as well as to explore the area, it is recommended that you get the local detailed Michelin or other map (Languedoc-Roussillon). These are available anywhere in France and elsewhere (e.g. in Toronto at the Open Air Bookstore and other places).

Recommended routes to Vissec;

  • From Clermont-Ferrand and the north – Autoroute A75, exit Le Caylar, right turn through the village, stay to the left and turn left about 1-2 km. at the marked turnoff for Le Cros and Sorbs, which is followed by Vissec.
  • From Lodeve and the southwest – Autoroute A75 to Les Rives, then follow the signs to Le Caylar, shortly you will see a turn to Le Cros and Sorbs, which is followed by Vissec.
  • From Montpellier (the city) – initially follow signs to Millau, exit highway at Gignac, carry through Montpeyroux (great wines) and La Vacquerie (stay to the right at the fork in the middle of the village by the hotel), turn right at D25 and then the first left to Vissec; alternatively, especially if you don't like twisty mountain roads, stay on the autoroute direction Millau and exit at Les Rives as above.
  • From Montpellier airport (alternatively called Aéroport Fréjorgue or Aéroport Méditérranée, it's one and the same place) – initially follow the sign to Montpellier, after a few kilometers on the highway look for Autoroute A9 - direction Barcelone (not the first autoroute exit which goes the wrong way); exit at the second exit (about 5 km) which will indicate Millau-Bezier-etc., then follow signs to Millau and the rest as per above.
  • From Nîmes — follow signs to Le Vigan, at Ganges go to St. Laurent le Minier (left at the roundabout with the waterfall, the one past the SuperU), Montdardier, Blandas, Vissec (this route is narrow and twisty; if you want something a bit easier, go just past Le Vigan instead, then Aveze, Montdardier, Blandas, Vissec).
  • From Lyon, Provence, Avignon, etc. – exit the autoroute at Nîmes ouest, then per above.

All roads leading into Vissec are drop-dead beautiful. They also tend to be narrow and curvy, with big dropoffs along the way. After a day or so, most people learn to love driving through the unspoiled and untrafficked country indeed it's a major attraction of the region. But we strongly advise against arriving initially after dark.

Finding the House

Park at the church, walk with the church on your right, then at the wall in front of you turn left and immediately right, you will soon come to some stairs; the house is just down the stairs, in the corner on the extreme right, past the green garage doors. All about a 30 second walk.


Alison and Burt Perrin, (Lindsay's sister and brother-in law) live permanently at the other end of the village (relatively new house with metal gates), a 5-minute walk at most. They would be happy to help with information or emergencies. Telephone: